Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Cancer Odyssey

Still thinking Pink? The CEO of the American Cancer Society, John Seffrin, made $1.3 million in total compensation and benefits in fiscal 2009. His payout in fiscal 2010 was boosted to $2.2 million. (published in the December 2011 issue of the Charity Rating Guide & Watchdog Report, Current compensation is not available on Business Week.

You are walking and running to pay this man's salary, along with the other high-paid execs in this "charitable organization." Are you walking and running for the cure? Sorry, you are not. Wake up. Don't get Pink-washed. When asked to donate, simply say that you have never met a cancer patient who was personally helped by the American Cancer Society. I am sure that this is a true statement. Why isn't the ACS promoting alternative non-toxic treatments that actually work? Because they are in cohoots with Big Pharma. Stop feeding the Pink 800 pound Gorilla known as the American Cancer Society. (Posted 10/12/13)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Interview with Lisa Robbins

This is a video interview with Lisa Robbins, whose website is

Many thanks to her for getting out my message and the messages of so many others who are fighting for the right to choose alternative treatments for cancer.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Elephants, Gorillas, and Blind Faith

Somehow, the Elephant has become mistaken for the Gorilla, so it is important that we now properly identify these large mammals and the roles that they play in the continuance of Blind Faith.  The expression “elephant in the room” refers to a large, looming truth that somehow everyone in that room seems to overlook.  It is so large that it becomes invisible.  How does this happen?  Does everyone believe that they are the only one noticing it, so they think that they must be mistaken because their peers are not commenting on it?  Does everyone assume that everyone else sees it, but chooses to ignore it, so they think that they must also ignore it? 
The elephant in the room refers to an obvious truth that no one is addressing.  Not to be confused with the 800-pound gorilla that refers to someone or something so large and powerful that it dictates the rules, similar to a Goliath.  This mammal is not to be challenged.  Unless, of course, there’s a David in the room. 
So how did these metaphors become mixed?  Why do people commonly refer to the ‘800 pound gorilla in the room’?  Possibly because of the Invisible gorilla test which was conducted by researchers to test the hypothesis of inattentional blindness.  Subjects were asked to watch a video and count the number of ball passes made between basketball teams.  At random points during the video, a person in a gorilla suit entered and walked behind the players.  The study reported that 50% of the subjects did not notice the gorilla.    Why?  Because of the complex relationship between what we are directed to focus on to the exclusion of all other variables in our field of perception.  The remaining variables outside of the directed focus are not consciously perceived, but when pointed out to the subjects after the study, these variables become obvious.  The subjects wonder, how could they have possibly not seen the gorilla?  It was so obvious.  It was right in front of them.  But they were so busy paying attention to counting ball passes that they failed to notice the most important and emerging situation in the room:  a gorilla.  No one expected to see a gorilla, so 50% of the subjects simply did not see it.  The possibility was blocked from perceptual processing; thus, the hypothesis of inattentional blindness was proven.  We become blind to everything other than what we are directed to focus on; we become blind to other possibilities, blind to even potentially life-threatening situations.  It’s almost like the sleight of hand of the shell game.  You don’t see what you think you see. 
Where does blind faith enter the room?  We have been taught all our lives to respect authority, to believe in the systems established for the betterment of society.  One by one, these systems, or gorillas, are being challenged:  the banking system, the real estate system, the Catholic Church system, the political systems worldwide, the cancer industry system.  What happens when these cages are rattled?  But wait a minute, there are no cages; the gorillas are out of the cages, they are in the room.  But we don’t see them.  Why? Because we are focused on other unimportant variables, we are counting the ball passes, we don’t see the sleight of hand.  The gorillas count on our blind faith to believe in their systems.  They count on us not seeing and not believing what is right in front of our eyes.  The gorillas count on inattentional blindness to their sleight of hand, which leads to blind faith in their systems.  They are the Goliaths; we are the Davids.
In going up against the Goliath of the cancer industry system, the elephant in the room is the fact that chemotherapy is an ineffective treatment for cancer. This is the large looming truth that everyone ignores.  Studies show that the aggregate effectiveness rate of chemotherapy is 3%.  Of course that’s an abysmal statistic, but we, the subjects in this study, are directed to pay attention to focusing on how many times the ball is passed between the teams.  We are directed to assist with this effort, and we are distracted from the 3% effectiveness rate by being directed to walk for the cure, and when walking isn’t enough, we are directed to run for the cure.  And through this sleight of hand, we are separated from our money as in the shell game, and we actually feel good about contributing to the pink gorilla.
So now these mammals and their roles become obvious, once the veil of blind faith is lifted and we are able to see.  We can no longer ignore the elephant in the room that is the abysmal failure of chemotherapy, a large looming truth.  We recognize the gorilla that is the cancer industry, the FDA-Big Pharma complex, so large and powerful that it dictates the rules.  Our inattentional blindness is healed.  We see the shell game for what it is: a dishonest sleight of hand.  The gorilla has to be put back in the cage, the elephant has to be led out of the room.  All the Davids who recognize the elephant and the gorilla, and who have already pierced the veil of blind faith are speaking out and gathering stones to overcome this Goliath. 
There are two things that are required to break through the phenomenon of inattentional blindness which the cancer industry Goliath has created:  knowledge and belief.  It is one thing to know that chemotherapy is ineffective; it is quite another thing to believe that chemotherapy is ineffective.  People who know the truth now have to overcome their blind faith and believe it.   
Know.  Believe.  Your life depends on it.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Incredible Healing Journals

I was a guest on Lisa Robbins' Incredible Healing Journals last night. I spoke about my experience, but more importantly, about my mission to educate people about chemotherapy and encourage people to do their research before getting a cancer diagnosis. Also: alternative therapies, including cannabis, must be made available as treatment options. Lisa does an amazing job of getting peoples experiences out there and getting out the alternative treatment message as well. My interview will be out in August.
> Lisa Robbins, BScHN, RHN, CTT
> Author: The Cancer Journal ~ Heal Yourself!
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> Principles of Healing Transformational Experience ~ An at-home
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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Predictable Death of Hugo Chavez

On July 16 and July 17 2011, I blogged about Hugo Chavez Cancer and Hugo Chavez + Chemotherapy.  These blogs are found below.  There is no surprise here that not even 2 years later, Chavez is dead.  Does chemotherapy work?  You decide. 
Just say no to chemo.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Don’t Trust Anyone over 70: Letting Marijuana Out of the Closet

Please check out my new article on
called "Don’t Trust Anyone over 70: Letting Marijuana Out of the Closet."
It's about how we are letting the potentially best natural healing agent known to man be eradicated.  It's a non-toxic, effective treatment of over 200 medical conditions, including cancer, but because the pharmaceutical companies cannot patent it and make money on it, it is being eliminated as a threat to their profitable legal drugs, including chemo.
Check it out and become righteously indignant enough to do something about it.
Just say no to chemo. 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Amazon Review

Very Inspiring And Enlightening February 3, 2013
Margaret Bermel is A cancer survivor who miraculously regained her health and wrote a book describing her journey with cancer and her way to wellness to help other patients and provide them with the do's and don'ts and among the big don'ts is chemotherapy she's against chemotherapy and a huge believer in natural treatments and remedies .
this book is very interesting actually, it's very inspiring and thought-provoking
Margret Bermel has exploited her creative juice very well and came up with this book which is like a cancer encyclopedia. The Cancer Odyssey ,is so edifying and it takes the reader into an eventful journey in the life of a cancer patient..
In this book Margret is trying to convey a very important message , her intention is to encourage people to research and educate themselves about alternative treatments and I hope this message is delivered to every cancer patient because they deserve to know the truth about chemotherapy.
.I'm grateful for the enlightenment and hope this book has given me
it's absolutely shocking to know that all those people we've lost to cancer or-chemotherapy as I've now realized-could have been's such a shame that we're now living in a world where the absence of humanity prevails to such an extent that people no longer care about anything but money . this book showed me that there's still hope ,a light at the end of the tunnel and that somehow cancer patients are not doomed..
and i do think that this book should be on the bookshelves of every cancer patient ,it's a must have. it's such a shame that cancer and chemotherapy -is-your-only-way-out kind of booklets are everywhere while a book like this one should've replaced them long time ago.
In this book Margret shows how chemotherapy doesn't destroy cancer and how it destroy patients .people who say no to chemotherapy haven't given up on life, they haven't surrendered to cancer yet and they're not suicidal its the other way around
,they didn't choose to die they chose to live .
We're living in the 21st century and all researches for alternative treatments are all concealed and only experimental "no evidence- based" as doctors say and we're encouraged to ignore them because chemotherapy is supposed to be our only way out of this labyrinth of suffering but that's a lie because it's the suffering itself as it doesn't even work for every cancer patient . i Margaret bermel believes that every person is ultimately responsible for their own health care decisions. It is their decision whether or not they will "just say no to chemo."