Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Don’t Trust Anyone over 70: Letting Marijuana Out of the Closet

Please check out my new article on http://www.nutriculamagazine.com/
called "Don’t Trust Anyone over 70: Letting Marijuana Out of the Closet."
It's about how we are letting the potentially best natural healing agent known to man be eradicated.  It's a non-toxic, effective treatment of over 200 medical conditions, including cancer, but because the pharmaceutical companies cannot patent it and make money on it, it is being eliminated as a threat to their profitable legal drugs, including chemo.
Check it out and become righteously indignant enough to do something about it.
Just say no to chemo. 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Amazon Review

Very Inspiring And Enlightening February 3, 2013
Margaret Bermel is A cancer survivor who miraculously regained her health and wrote a book describing her journey with cancer and her way to wellness to help other patients and provide them with the do's and don'ts and among the big don'ts is chemotherapy she's against chemotherapy and a huge believer in natural treatments and remedies .
this book is very interesting actually, it's very inspiring and thought-provoking
Margret Bermel has exploited her creative juice very well and came up with this book which is like a cancer encyclopedia. The Cancer Odyssey ,is so edifying and it takes the reader into an eventful journey in the life of a cancer patient..
In this book Margret is trying to convey a very important message , her intention is to encourage people to research and educate themselves about alternative treatments and I hope this message is delivered to every cancer patient because they deserve to know the truth about chemotherapy.
.I'm grateful for the enlightenment and hope this book has given me
it's absolutely shocking to know that all those people we've lost to cancer or-chemotherapy as I've now realized-could have been saved.it's such a shame that we're now living in a world where the absence of humanity prevails to such an extent that people no longer care about anything but money . this book showed me that there's still hope ,a light at the end of the tunnel and that somehow cancer patients are not doomed..
and i do think that this book should be on the bookshelves of every cancer patient ,it's a must have. it's such a shame that cancer and chemotherapy -is-your-only-way-out kind of booklets are everywhere while a book like this one should've replaced them long time ago.
In this book Margret shows how chemotherapy doesn't destroy cancer and how it destroy patients .people who say no to chemotherapy haven't given up on life, they haven't surrendered to cancer yet and they're not suicidal its the other way around
,they didn't choose to die they chose to live .
We're living in the 21st century and all researches for alternative treatments are all concealed and only experimental "no evidence- based" as doctors say and we're encouraged to ignore them because chemotherapy is supposed to be our only way out of this labyrinth of suffering but that's a lie because it's the suffering itself as it doesn't even work for every cancer patient . i Margaret bermel believes that every person is ultimately responsible for their own health care decisions. It is their decision whether or not they will "just say no to chemo."

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wellness Talk Radio

I was a guest recently on Dr. Carl Helvie's Wellness Talk Radio Show.  Here is the link.   Hope you find it interesting.
(scroll down and hit the Play arrow).
Just say no to chemo.