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Wake-up Call: The FDA is NOT your Friend

Emails to my siblings...

Brain Health and Patient Rights

> I am > reading a book called FDA: Failure, Deception, Abuse: The > Story of an Out-of-Control Government Agency and What it Means > for your Health. The book talks about dementia, and how > Phosphatidylserine (PS) which is an essential brain nutrient, is > effective for dementia. This supplement was introduced in 1988, > and the FDA fought to keep it off the market despite clear > benefits for elderly Americans. Finally in 2003, the FDA after > a legal battle, permitted statements on the labels of PS bottles > saying that PS may reduce the risk of cognitive dysfunction in > the elderly, and it may reduce the risk of dementia. Google it, > you can buy it on the Life Extension website ( the > book too, it is a revelation.The FDA is not just a bunch of > mindless bureaucrats; this agency is pure, orchestrated evil. > In regard to Dad: he has patient rights, and if you insist that > he be given Resveratrol and PS, he may eventually get off the > Abilify and other crap which has been proven to be ineffective > for dementia.I posted your email to me on the blog (www.just-say-> It's called "The Establishment Comes > Clean". I was very happy to see that Johns Hopkins is telling > the truth about cancer and the ineffectiveness of chemo, so that > now maybe the cancer business arm of the medical profession can focus on healing people > instead of killing them. Peace.>

Subject: Macular degeneration, Parkinsons, and Alzheimers

> From the same book: "Thalidomide has been shown to halt the
> proliferation of blood vessels, an effect that may help starve
> certain cancers and protect against blindness induced by wet
> macular degeneration." (An essay from 2001). Because
> thalidomide can also halt limb development in pregnancy, this
> drug has been banned by the FDA except for treatment of
> complications related to leprosy (this covers about 50 Americans
> per year). The drug company cannot promote this drug for cancer
> or macular degeneration, even though this drug has been shown to
> be effective. Who is the FDA protecting? A person who has
> cancer or mac degen should have the RIGHT TO CHOOSE. But they
> don't, because of FDA suppression. From the same essay:
> "Neurogenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's have no effective
> treatment. A drug called memantine may delay the progression of
> Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. Memantine works by a
> different mechanism than current FDA-approved drugs such as
> Aricept and Tacrine. Memantine has been used in Germany for the
> last ten years, but it remains bogged down in FDA-mandated
> clinical trials. Four million American Alzheimer's disease
> patients anxiously await."

Could our parents have been helped ?
> You decide. What lies in OUR future? The time to fix this travesty is NOW.


Natural is better...

The pushing of drugs for treatment of disease symptoms for cancer is just the tip of the iceberg with Big Pharma. This mindset applies to every "disease" that exists.
Just say no to chemo... (Technically, "chemo" is any chemical pharmaceutical, but has come into parlance as pertaining to the chemicals used to "treat" the symptoms of cancer).

An email to my sister:

I had an appt today at a Preventive Medicine office that was
> highly recommended by a friend, a nutritionist, and an MD.
> Anyway, the Nurse Practitioner said that at a conference she
> attended at Johns Hopkins, it was presented that all the drugs
> out there now for Alzheimers are ineffective. The belief is
> that Resveratrol IS effective, as it crosses the brain-blood
> barrier. Glaxo Smith Klein bought out a smaller company for
> $720M last year that was researching Resveratrol, and GSK is
> working to synthesize a chemical resveratrol (because the
> naturally-occuring resveratrol cannot be patented, and thus the
> Pharma company cannot make $, so they have to create chemically
> something that already exists in nature).The following is an
> article from a website, which explains this in a little more
> detail.I am taking Optimized Resveratrol from Life Extension
> vitamins ( which is an excellent quality
> Resveratrol. This may be something that would be more effective
> than Abilify for Dad. Patty, if we got this for Dad, would the
> nurses give it to him? Here is the article:

"The research on the
> substance “Resveratrol” is exciting indeed. Now it
> has gotten the attention of the show 60 Minutes. It has been
> shown to
> optimize the aging process, extend healthy life, and be preventative
> for a variety of serious chronic degenerative diseases such as
> diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and alzheimers. Further, it is shown
> to enhance exercise performance, support healthy metabolism and
> supportweight balancing. The research has all been done on the
> naturallyoccurring substance found in abundance in the skin of
> the French red wine grape.
> This may explain the French Paradox.
> But before you try to drink your way to the promises of Resveratrol,
> realize that the number of bottles of French red wine per day
> needed to
> concentrate enough Resveratrol in order to achieve the promise
> of the
> research is far too great to consume – even for the greatest of wine
> enthusiasts. No one should drink 50 plus bottles of wine per
> day, no
> one!
> A substance that occurs in nature can not be patented, so the drug
> company Glaxo Smith Kline is working on a synthetic version of
> Resveratrol, because the real thing is so exciting and the exclusive
> rights to the real thing can not be owned and controlled. Researchers
> expect that a drug company will develop and sell a drug that contains
> the synthetic version of Resveratrol and make it available to the
> public, within our life time.
> What is even better is that the real thing is available now as a
> naturally occurring substance and in the form of a nutritional
> supplement so the cost is low and no prescription is necessary.
> The challenge lies within the quality, form and dosage of Resveratrol.
> The research and therefore “the promise of Resveratrol” is dependent
> upon use of the “right stuff.” Unfortunately many forms of Resveratrol
> sold on the market are so close and yet so far away. They do not work
> and they gain bad press. Care must be taken to obtain the
> correct form
> (trans-resveratrol) in a meaningful higher dose or it simply
> does not
> deliver.
> Cheers to a long and healthy life!"
> To watch the 60 Minutes clip, simply click on the link below:

Friday, February 26, 2010

The Establishment Comes Clean (or not)

This is an email I received from my sister. I was very excited as I read through it, as an established medical institution had actually revealed the truth about cancer and the conventional treatments that do not work. NOW the medical profession can start to heal people instead of leading them to certain death.
I have since learned that the institution credited with the email has disclaimed the article and proclaimed it to be a hoax. So the hope that the establishment was coming clean has been extinguished; the establishment is NOT coming clean, the hoax of chemotherapy is still perpetuated by mainstream oncology. Someday the cancer business arm of the medical oncology profession will focus on healing people instead of leading them to certain death. That is my hope. Although the author of this email is unknown, the truth of the article is recognized. I believe that the intent of the author was to validate the truth. But “truth is truth” (Shakespeare) and can stand alone.

Just say no to chemo...

Sent: Thu, Feb 25, 2010 11:39 am
Subject: Fwd: FW: [Well-known cancer center] AND CHEMO... CANCER

Hi Peggy
I got this from Helen.
I could not believe it ! I guess this information has been going around for while and people just don't hear about.
It agrees with everything you are doing!
Take care,


[Well-known cancer center] AND CHEMO... CANCER


Cancer Update from [Well-known cancer center] :

1. Every person has cancer cells in the body. These cancer cells do not show up in the standard tests until they have multiplied to a few billion. When doctors tell cancer patients that there are no more cancer cells in their bodies after treatment, it just means the tests are unable to detect the cancer cells because they have not reached the detectable size.

2. Cancer cells occur between 6 to more than 10 times in a person's lifetime.

3. When the person's immune system is strong the cancer cells will be destroyed and prevented from multiplying and forming tumors.

4. When a person has cancer it indicates the person has multiple nutritional deficiencies. These could be due to genetic, environmental, food and lifestyle factors.

5. To overcome the multiple nutritional deficiencies, changing diet and including supplements will strengthen the immune system.

6. Chemotherapy involves poisoning the rapidly-growing cancer cells and also destroys rapidly-growing healthy cells in the bone marrow, gastrointestinal tract etc, and can cause organ damage, like liver, kidneys, heart, lungs etc.

7. Radiation while destroying cancer cells also burns, scars and damages healthy cells, tissues and organs.

8. Initial treatment with chemotherapy and radiation will often reduce tumor size. However prolonged use of chemotherapy and radiation do not result in more tumor destruction.

9. When the body has too much toxic burden from chemotherapy and radiation the immune system is either compromised or destroyed, hence the person can succumb to various kinds of infections and complications.

10. Chemotherapy and radiation can cause cancer cells to mutate and become resistant and difficult to destroy. Surgery can also cause cancer cells to spread to other sites.

11. An effective way to battle cancer is to starve the cancer cells by not feeding it with the foods it needs to multiply.


a. Sugar is a cancer-feeder. By cutting off sugar it cuts off one important food supply to the cancer cells. Sugar substitutes like NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful, etc. are made with Aspartame and it is harmful. A better natural substitute would be Manuka honey or m olasses but only in very small amounts. Table salt has a chemical added to make it white in colour. Better alternative is Bragg's aminos or sea salt.

b. Milk causes the body to produce mucus, especially in the gastro-intestinal tract. Cancer feeds on mucus. By cutting off milk and substituting with unsweetened soy milk cancer cells are being starved.

c. Cancer cells thrive in an acid environment. A meat-based diet is acidic and it is best to eat fish, and a little chicken rather than beef or pork. Meat also contains livestock antibiotics, growth hormones and parasites, which are all harmful, especially to people with cancer.

d. A diet made of 80% fresh vegetables and juice, whole grains, seeds, nuts and a little fruits help put the body into an alkaline environment. About 20% can be from cooked food including beans. Fresh vegetable juices provide live enzymes that are easily absorbed and reach down to cellular l evels within 15 minutes to nourish and enhance growth of healthy cells. To obtain live enzymes for building healthy cells try and drink fresh vegetable juice (most vegetables including bean sprouts) and eat some raw vegetables 2 or 3 times a day. Enzymes are destroyed at temperatures of 104 degrees F (40 degrees C).

e. Avoid coffee, tea, and chocolate, which have high caffeine. Green tea is a better alternative and has cancer fighting properties. Water-best to drink purified water, or filtered, to avoid known toxins and heavy metals in tap water. Distilled water is acidic, avoid it.

12. Meat protein is difficult to digest and requires a lot of digestive enzymes. Undigested meat remaining in the intestines become putrified and leads to more toxic buildup.

13. Cancer cell walls have a tough protein covering. By refraining from or eating less meat it frees more enzymes to attack the protein walls of cancer cells and allows the body's killer cells to destroy the cancer cells.

14. Some supplements build up the immune system (IP6, Flor-ssence, Essiac, anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, EFAs etc.) to enable the body's own killer cells to destroy cancer cells. Other supplements like vitamin E are known to cause apoptosis, or programmed cell death, the body's normal method of disposing of damaged, unwanted, or unneeded cells.

15. Cancer is a disease of the mind, body, and spirit. A proactive and positive spirit will help the cancer warrior be a survivor. Anger, unforgiveness and bitterness put the body into a stressful and acidic environment. Learn to have a loving and forgiving spirit. Learn to relax and enjoy life.

16. Cancer cells cannot thrive in an oxygenated environment. Exercising daily, and deep breathing help to get more oxygen down to the cellular level. Oxygen therapy is another means employed to destroy cancer cells.


CANCER UPDATE FROM [Well-known cancer center] - PLEASE READ

1. No plastic containers in micro.

2. No water bottles in freezer.

3. No plastic wrap in microwave.

[Well-known cancer center] has recently sent this out in its newsletters. This information is being circulated at [another well-known cancer center] as well. Dioxin chemicals causes cancer, especially breast cancer. Dioxins are highly poisonous to the cells of our bodies. Don't freeze your plastic bottles with water in them as this releases dioxins from the plastic. Recently, Dr. Edward Fujimoto, Wellness Program Manager at Castle Hospital , was on a TV program to explain this health hazard. He talked about dioxins and how bad they are for us. He said that we should not be heating our food in the microwave using plastic containers. This especially applies to foods that contain fat. He said that the combination of fat, high heat, and plastics releases dioxin into the food and ultimately into the cells of the body. Instead, he recommends using glass, such as Corning Ware, Pyrex or ceramic containers for heating food. You get the same results, only without the dioxin. So such things as TV dinners, instant ramen and soups, etc., should be removed from the container and heated in something else. Paper isn't bad but you don't know what is in the paper. It's just safer to use tempered glass, Corning Ware, etc. He reminded us that a while ago some of the fast food restaurants moved away from the foam containers to paper. The dioxin problem is one of the reasons.

Also, he pointed out that plastic wrap, such as Saran, is just as dangerous when placed over foods to be cooked in the microwave. As the food is nuked, the high heat causes poisonous toxins to actually melt out of the plastic wrap and drip into the food. Cover food with a paper towel instead.

This is an article that should be sent to anyone important in your life.

To Your Balanced Health & Wealth..

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Rise Up...

Please send this in response to the "Pray for the Cure" email, which only serves to perpetuate the myth that "the cure is right around the corner". The cures are already here.

In memory of anyone you know who has suffered through chemotherapy.

Dear God,
I pray that the natural cures for cancer will no longer be suppressed by the FDA.
I pray that the medical "standard of care" will be expanded beyond surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy to include natural, non-toxic treatments that actually benefit the patient.
I pray that the toxic solutions which are embraced by the cancer industry be acknowledged as the medical failures that they are.
I pray that the pharmaceutical industry, whose only interest is their bottom line, will stop monopolizing the cancer market with toxic, poisonous "treatments" which often do more harm than good.
I pray that people will come to learn the true motive of the pharmaceutical companies: the profit motive.
I pray that people will learn that because natural cures cannot be patented, they cannot make $ for the cancer industry, and thus they are suppressed, dismissed, and ridiculed even though they are beneficial.
I pray that doctors stop scaring patients into chemotherapy treatment: sometimes the medicine is worse than the disease.
I pray that people start to understand that their loved ones are dying from chemotherapy, and not from 'cancer'.
I pray that this message reaches the consciousness of the general public, so that people do not continue to march with resignation into the chemotherapy infusion chambers just to die a slow, painful death.
I pray that people will believe that treatment for this disease does not have to be fatal.
I pray that the public starts to question and research the "standard of care", and then demand that the cures for cancer which have already been proven to work, will become openly available to those people who choose them.
I pray that people will demand their right to know, and then demand their right to choose.
just say no to chemo