Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Searching for Truth

My mission is to encourage people to ask questions and receive answers that are satisfactory to them. I think it is important to both listen to your instincts and to educate yourself on various options. I am not a medical practitioner and I cannot offer any medical advice or recommendations. I can only encourage people to find the treatment that is right for them. Although I am a strong proponent of natural treatments, in some circumstance the conventional treatments are appropriate. My intention is to help people set their fear aside to enable them to approach this with the strength to ask the questions that need to be asked, starting with "How will this treatment help ME?".
I have listed below a few links that may give you additional information to
what you have already found.

This blogsite is a resource and can direct you to other helpful websites and books. Here are a few:

Article "Does Protocel Directly Kill Cancer?":

This is a good website by Bill Henderson. He also puts out an email

This website references the website:

The book "Knockout" by Suzanne Somers has a list of Resources in the back of
the book of Integrative health care practitioners. She also lists to find a doctor in your area. If you have been seeing
conventional doctors, they will all recommend the same exact treatment
because that is what they have been taught as the "standard of care." I
hope that you will find an approach that you are comfortable with. Listen
to your gut and you will find the truth.

From time to time, people will send me emails in their search for truth. These 2 You Tube videos were brought to my attention by other people and are worth watching:
The Cancer Report
Run from the Cure

One comment on this blog is from V. Annie Anderson's daughter. She made a face book page in her Mom's name to make people aware of the dangers of over-treating with chemotherapy. According to her daughter, Annie "died May 15 2010 after 4 days in a row of chemotherapy for a trace of cancer in a bump on her leg. She was supposed to have radiation only, but the doctor talked her into chemo and prescribed too much." You can find her page on facebook. This should not have happened to her.

I wish you all the best possible outcome in your search for truth and good health.

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