Friday, April 20, 2012

The Predictable Death of Levon Helm
The Band singer Levon Helm is dead at age 71 after a long battle with cancer, the Times Herald-Record reports. He passed away April 19 at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York.

There is nothing more to be said. If you go to Sloan-Kettering and subject yourself to the mustard gas "treatment" called chemotherapy, your chances for survival are abysmal. Two GM executives, Sloan and Kettering, founded the Cancer Center as a business venture, to MAKE A PROFIT. There is no altruism here, they did not care about anyone's cancer, they cared about the bottom line. The well-meaning medical people who entered the oncology profession may or may not know that they are simply the pawns of Big Pharma. They are agents of death.

It is upsetting that the cancer industry has claimed another rock icon. George Harrison, now Levon Helm. Who's next? When someone with celebrity status is diagnosed with cancer, the fear factor kicks in and they immediately want the best treatment that money can buy. Which, in the conventional world of medicine, is oncology at a cancer center. These rockers were counter-culture their entire lives; why are they now succumbing to mainstream medicine? Fear. Mainstream medicine, for cancer treatment, just DOES NOT WORK. How many more people, whether celebrity or ordinary, have to die to prove that point? What is everyone missing? Why don't people see that taking chemo results in death, not in restoration of health? Take the dead/alive survey: 1) how many people do you know who had cancer and took chemo and are dead? how many are alive? 2) how many people do you know who had cancer and did NOT take chemo and are dead? how many are alive? You can count me in the second group and I am in the alive category.

Wake up America. Your life depends on it.


  1. I'm a current medical student working on my md and you are dead on. Physicians and medical students are mindless overachievers who have missed the forest for the trees. All we do is study all day, or in the physicians case, work crazy amount of hours (the happy slave) and never have chance to see big picture + culture of medicine is very authoritative so Can't question anyone distinguished. Chemo is poison. Steve Jobs was killed by modern medicine. I had a radiology class last year and the radiologist confused a slide meant to demonstrate a cancerous mass with one that was intended to show air bubbles/patient random movement. Alternative medicine is not the answer either. Do nothing. It's better than poison. Shadows on MRI's are becoming death sentences. As for Oncologists and Radiologists I think it's a mix of ppl who know they are killing ppl deep down but can't bite the hand that's feeding them/risk professional embarrassment by going out on a limb against the status quo and 50 years of research. Yeah no surprise that poison (chemo) kills cancerous cells in petri dishes, it kills ALL cells at a tremendous rate. But most importantly, destroys the immune system (the body's only defense for eliminating tumor cells). Future societies will look back on this as a holocaust type of error by modern medicine and society as a whole to let it go unchecked. António Egas Moniz won the nobel prize for the lobotomy in 1949, you think we would have learned something from that. Everyone assumes that "technology" is this magical thing when it comes to modern medicine but scam artists at all points in history have relied on the idea of technology. The fact is, you can't blame the field of radiology because it's too recent, they don't know what the hell they're looking at. The equipment hasn't been around long enough and if you stare at pictures for 30+ years + have position of power all humans are capable of convincing themselves they see something because if they don't the next guy will and that might make them look bad. I can go on for ever but it basically boils down to the general public's lack of knowledge about what cancer actually is and how it's a natural occurring event as the body wears down and cells reach their maximum capacity of division. Young people with cancer almost always have genetic mutations in some kind of tumor suppressor gene or dna replication machinery. I have never been so miserable since the day last year I put all this together and realized what a fool I was for buying into the idea I was going to be helping people for the rest of my life in a rewarding career. Can't knock trauma surgeons yet though and there are plenty of amazing and legit thing modern medicine can do. What amazes me are the people who beat cancer with chemo! Talk about the ultimate survivors. Yet when they are healed we chalk it down to miraculous wonders of Oncology drugs/ treatments. Those ppl survived in spite of chemo. Auto mechanics gauge ppl, so do plumbers and you name it so given human nature's selfish core why should it be surprising to know doctors are the same (or at least the establishment is). Stanford prison study.

  2. It is so refreshing to hear the truth. I agree with you 100%. I had the thought the other day that young idealistic students must be attracted to the oncology field with the pure intention of helping people, and they must be really disillusioned when the facade falls away and they realize that they are the pawns of the pharmaceutical companies. So I understand exactly what you are saying, but you are NOT a fool. You figured it out. You can make a difference. You can change things. It is your generation that can break away from old thinking. More doctors like you are needed to change the system from the inside. That is the only way it can change. I hope you have the commitment and the bravery to do that. I applaud you.