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Excerpt from "The Cancer Odyssey: Discovering Truth and Inspiration on the Way to Wellness"

"These vignettes are an expression of my personal experience. I am not a professional researcher or a medical professional.  The intention is to be thought-provoking, to encourage people to research and educate themselves prior to accepting the "standard of care" treatment.  I believe that every person is ultimately responsible for their own health care decisions.  It is your decision whether or not you will “just say no to chemo.”
My catalyst was the fact that I was almost sentenced to death by chemo.  The Cancer Industry is ‘in too deep’ to admit that they are wrong; they continue to perpetuate the myth, and they continue to harm and kill hundreds of thousands of Americans every year with ineffective, experimental, and expensive “treatments.” 
Chemotherapy can cause other cancers.  This is something that people are not told unless they ask.  I asked. The oncologist confirmed it.  When I tell people this, they are shocked.  I have since read, in "Beating Cancer with Nutrition" written by the former nutrition director at Cancer Treatment Centers of America, that the risk of chemo causing leukemia in ovarian cancer patients far outweighs any possible benefit.1  Do ovarian cancer patients know that they are
trading one form of cancer for another when they sign up for chemotherapy?  Probably not.
When the oncologist recommends "precautionary chemo," and says that, with chemo you have a 30% chance of recurrence, and if it does recur, you probably will not survive five (5) years, and if you don't have chemo, then the chance of recurrence is higher, then that is the time to start asking questions.
“How much higher?”, I asked.
“Yes, but how much higher?”
          I could not understand why I wasn't getting a straight answer.  That statistic should have been at the tip of the tongue.  The reason it wasn't at the tip of the tongue is because that statistic simply does not exist.  It is not known if that number is actually higher, OR maybe it is actually lower! When you are in that position, you are VERY vulnerable, as I was.  I had my ‘meltdown’ when I went for a consultation at a center that markets itself as “a place for hope.”  I walked in feeling hopeful and walked out feeling hopeless.  In the evening after I was handed my death sentence there, I very fortuitously met an ancillary staff person who told me how the cancer statistics are compiled by SEER: that the ‘current’ statistics are almost five (5) years old and that there is no control group, making the statistics essentially meaningless to any individual.  He told me not to believe the statistics.  When I received a similar dire prognosis and the same medical recommendation for “precautionary chemotherapy” in another oncologist’s office, the nurse told me that I didn’t need chemo.  I was puzzled that I was being told to disregard the doctors’ recommendation by these honest people, but this felt like truth, and it empowered me.   
          Ask questions.  Ask to see the statistics.  I did, and was brushed off.  Insist upon it.  Ask to see studies.  I did, and was told that there were no studies to support the recommended treatment for me.  Demand answers.
My intention is to raise enough reasonable doubt about the effectiveness of chemotherapy get people to pause, research, educate themselves, participate in their own health care, explore other options on their own, and then make an INFORMED decision, based upon truthful, factual information, and not on the skewed statistics presented by the pharmaceutical companies.  The first two (2) oncologists I saw were parroting drug salesmen's pitches.  The third oncologist was truthful, and said that it is not known whether or not it matters if people start chemo right after surgery, or if they wait six (6) months.  It is just not known.
There is no urgency.  People do not have to rush into it.  People have time to think and educate themselves.
          People have a right to know the truth, and they also have a right to choose non-toxic solutions.  Non-toxic solutions have been systematically suppressed by the FDA, and people need to start demanding alternatives.
It has been ingrained in all of us that a pill can solve all our problems.  That is western medicine; that is the American way.  Check it out, you have the time.  But most people do not check it out, especially if it is not a personal issue with them.  Even if it is a personal issue, most people do not check it out.  They have been brainwashed to believe in the myth of chemotherapy.
Every day, I thank God and my husband that I checked it out.  It is my intention to live.  This is truth.  Insist that it be told.  Ask questions and demand truthful answers.  Your life depends on it.  This is the only way to wellness."
1  Patrick Quillen, PhD, Beating Cancer with Nutrition (Carlsbad, CA: Nutrition Times Press, Inc., 2005).

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