Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Battle Against the Cancer Industry

Happy, Healthy, New Year! I started writing about the cancer industry 3 years ago today. I have an article that was just published in Nutricula Magazine at http://www.nutriculamagazine.com/current-issue/ on pg 30.

The article is also on their blog at
Please take a moment to read and feel free to share! Our message has to get to the public consciousness. Only then, can things change.

"Fighting the good fight"  is an expression often used in eulogies to describe someone's losing battle with chemotherapy.  Fighting the good fight SHOULD start with fighting for our choice of treatment, including unconventional, non-toxic treatments.  Everyone, even parents of sick children, must have the right to choose.  This is a personal, individual right that must not be legislated away from us.
Best to all!  Let's fight the good fight in 2013.

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