Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Chemo Patient Dies of Chemo, not of Cancer

My sister told me that her co-worker's wife had brain cancer, and he believes that it was the chemotherapy that killed her.
The thing that I learned about chemo is that it is more about the money than about saving lives. It is NOT an altruistic enterprise. An enterprise yes, but not an altruistic one. It is the Ponzi scheme of the medical profession in the sense that even if they wanted to stop bilking people of their savings and their lives, to do so would expose the fraud. They cannot stop. I believe that Bernie Madoff was quoted as saying that he wanted to stop, but that he couldn't. Same principle here (or lack of it). How do you come clean? They must continue to perpetrate the fraud by perpetuating the lies. They cannot stop. They cannot admit that they were wrong because now they are responsible for the millions of lives that were sacrificed at the altar of their greed. The madness must stop.
Just say no to chemo.

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