Thursday, October 28, 2010

A year in the life...

One year ago this week, on October 26th, I had major surgery and was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I can't help but look back on this past year. I thank God first, and then my husband, and my recovery team, and support group of family and friends who brought me to THIS day, healthy and cancer-free. This has been a tremendous effort, a change in lifestyle, a change in eating habits, and a change in mental and emotional patterns--eliminating stress from my life, even in stress-producing situations. The key to recovery from cancer is the awareness of truth; this will lead to making informed choices. I learned the truth about chemotherapy and so I avoided it. Chemotherapy is the big killer, not cancer per se, but chemotherapy. One of the local cancer centers is now advertising on TV, "why go through chemotherapy if you don't have to." So there may be some recognition in the oncological world that chemo is not all that it's cracked up to be. Learn everything you can before you or your loved one agrees to it. Choose the right path for you to return to wellness.

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