Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Read first before taking...

If you googled fraud + chemo, and you ended up here, you are searching for answers as I was a year ago. Read this blog first before taking chemo. It is important to FIRST understand that the cancer industry is driven by the profit motive, and not by altruism. Once that is understood, you have empowered yourself to ask the questions that need answers. Find out specifically HOW chemo will help YOU in your specific situation. Find out if taking chemo will make you BETTER. This is key. Most people taking chemo think that if they go through with it, if they take their medicine, that they will emerge healthy. Many people do not emerge from chemo. It turns out to be a slow, painful death. The point is: find out exactly what you are getting into, BEFORE you get into it. Keep an open mind as you read through this. A sea change in thinking takes time to grok. This will radically change the way you previously thought about chemo. Everything we thought we knew about chemo didn't come from data sources, it came from media sources fed by the pharmaceutical companies selling their wares. Start to notice what people say at funeral services for family and friends who died from 'cancer'. People will whisper in hushed tones that they think that it was the 'chemo' and not the 'cancer' that killed the deceased. Pay attention. People are starting to realize that chemo doesn't work, and that the cancer industry has to come up with something better than this. After all, something that originated from mustard gas, from biochemical warfare, as chemo did, cannot possibly be good for anyone. Demand answers. Demand better options. Just say no to chemo.


  1. Thanks for posting your story. I've been contemplating writing about my story as well I ended up taking chemo and finally after seven years I'm just beginning to feel somewhat normal or maybe just less numb. ..thanks to specific healing affirmations and the Gerson diet.
    Best wishes,

  2. Gunner, thanks for your feedback. Your story needs to be told also. People need to know what the long term effects of chemo are. Also, the Gerson diet is a very beneficial way to return to health, and this non-toxic alternative has been maligned by the cancer industry. The more people who tell their stories, the greater the possibility for real change. Best to you also, Scoopdig