Monday, February 21, 2011

"Suzanne Somers. Let the debates begin..."

"Dateline NBC (2/20/11) Have you ever considered 'alternative' health therapies? Dateline examines the highly controversial cancer therapies promoted by survivor Suzanne Somers. Let the debates begin...
Suzanne Somers: A Dose of Controversy"

This is my Facebook posting on Dateline's wall...
In the 1940s, two former General Motors executives, Alfred P. Sloan and Charles F. Kettering established the Sloan-Kettering Institute. In the beginning, it was about the $. Today, it is still about the $. Chemotherapy was developed from the mustard gas used in the world wars as chemical warfare. Chemo is a toxic treatment that often results in death. Non-toxic solutions should be explored. By limiting ourselves to only conventional treatments, we are limiting our possibilities to find beneficial treatments that can actually restore health. The pharmaceutical companies are driving the cancer train. If people suddenly realized that chemo is harmful to the immune system and to all organs, and started questioning the treatment instead of just going along with it, the pharmas would lose billions of dollars. The point is: we must open our minds, and we must question. Our lives depend upon it. The M.O. of conventional oncology is to discredit anyone who comes up with an alternative healthy approach to this disease. That must stop. So obviously, the oncologist from Sloan-Kettering will protect the conventional approach. The show last night did not do the alternative approaches justice because one of network TV's major advertising revenue streams comes from the pharmaceutical companies, as is evidenced by all the prescription ads. We have all been brainwashed into thinking chemo and radiation are the only options. They are not. Just make a Dead/Alive list: 1) how many people do you know personally who have had chemo and are dead, and how many are alive; and 2) how many people do you know personally who have NOT had chemo and are dead, and how many are alive. The results will surprise you. We have the right to demand other options. If people still want to choose conventional treatment, well, that is their right also. But we need options, we need choices.

When I read "Knockout" 1-1/4 yrs ago, it gave me the courage to say no to chemo. I began my own research and came to the conclusion that chemo would not help ME. I am healthy today from building up my immune system, and not from destroying it through chemo. I applaud Suzanne for being brave enough to start this dialogue. It is long overdue. There are smaller biotech companies out there that are researching alternative treatments. One of the biggest stumbling blocks to bringing a treatment to market is the FDA. The FDA oppresses any promising new approach that does not come through Big Pharma. It takes millions of $ to get a drug through the FDA trial and approval process, so the smaller biotechs fall out. The FDA does not allow the research, which is why the conventional establishments can then turn around and claim that there is no research to support the alternative treatments. As long as we all understand that this is a business, a monopoly controlled by the FDA and Big Pharma, then we are free to make the correct decision about the treatment that is best for us. Don't just go along with it...question it. Do your research. Understand that we have all been brainwashed, and it is time for us to start 'de-programming' ourselves. Don't just "drink the koolaid." Just say no to chemo...

Dateline has bought into the M.O. of the cancer industry: discredit the bright young minds that question old medicine that just does not work. Dateline has done a huge disservice by piling on to discredit alternative healthy treatments. Not everyone wants to consume toxins "just because that's the way it has always been done." This is old thinking. People have the right to choose their own health care, and to decide what they will or will not put into their bodies. This is forward thinking. If you want to expose the truth about the cancer industry, follow the money. And challenge the conventional oncologists. Challenge Sloan-Kettering. They are the REAL snake-oil salespeople.


  1. I'm trying to find more info on the Dateline show .. did it air last night?? Oh how I'd love to see it. Your blog is great!!!

    I have ling cancer and am searching for life GIVING treatment!

    GOD bless you

    Thank you
    Mary Jo

  2. Dateline's show was on last night. I don't think that it was particularly helpful. I started my journey by reading Suzanne Somer's book "Knockout." That was a very good resource. It will lead you in the right direction. God bless you too. Have faith that you will find your answers.