Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Open Message to Gary Carter

Please tell Gary that if he does chemo, he will not survive. Chemo comes from mustard gas from the World Wars. It is toxic and kills the wrong cancer cells. It does not kill the regenerative cancer cells, which is why the cancer often comes back after chemo. It destroys the immune system when you need it the most. All it does is make money for the cancer industry. There are a lot of non-toxic treatments, he needs to do his research and not rush into chemo. I am a cancer survivor only by avoiding chemo. Look at Greta Waitz and Seve Ballesteros. They both were professional athletes and both had chemo. Chemo kills even professional athletes. My book is The Cancer Odyssey at Another good resource is Cancer-Free by Bill Henderson. Also, Start reading--it may save Gary's life.

Bill Henderson's book lists a lot of non-toxic protocols. It is an excellent guide. He also has testimonials from cancer patients who went on his protocol and the tumors disappeared to the doctors' amazement. The doctors do not know how to react to these successes, and term them "miracles." There is no medical explanation in their minds to account for it. 2+2=4 is no miracle. This is simple cause-and-effect, which is part of the scientific method. The body is out of balance and creates cancer in response. By bringing the body back into balance with proper nutrition and supplements, the cancer disappears. This is no miracle. Nutrition + supplements = cancer-free. These "evidence-based" doctors are more likely to conjure up the occurrence of a "miracle" than to admit the effectiveness of alternative treatments. The intervening variable here is the introduction of proper nutrition and supplements. It is simple cause and effect. Toxic chemo treatments kill. Non-toxic treatments do not.

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