Monday, June 13, 2011

Withholding Natural Treatments for Cancer

Cut and paste to watch an interesting power point video. Rachel Linke discusses the dealings of the cancer industry. I am not a lone voice. There is a movement afoot, where people are realizing what the medical profession is pushing just does not work, and people are gathering the courage to say so publicly. My voice joins many others. The cancer industry is killing us off, at the rate of 1500 Americans daily.
The video talks about Graviola, a tree prevalent in the rain forests of Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia, which has been used in traditional medicine in many countries. Interestingly enough, when googling Graviola, Sloan-Kettering's website comes up and it states that extracts of Graviola show cytotoxic properties, and that Graviola is also effective against multidrug resistant cancer cells line, and that one of the "Purported Uses" is for cancer treatment.
Finally, an acknowledgment from conventional oncology that a natural substance actually works (or at least is "purported" to work)!

Just say no to chemo.

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  1. And also medical cannabis oil. Amazing studies and testimonials. Another natural cure that is being stopped by big Pharma.and Government. Can't patent a plant! And it is so diverse in its use. Imagine if you could treat yourself, freely and safely from own backyard.