Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wake-up Call: The FDA is NOT your Friend

Emails to my siblings...

Brain Health and Patient Rights

> I am > reading a book called FDA: Failure, Deception, Abuse: The > Story of an Out-of-Control Government Agency and What it Means > for your Health. The book talks about dementia, and how > Phosphatidylserine (PS) which is an essential brain nutrient, is > effective for dementia. This supplement was introduced in 1988, > and the FDA fought to keep it off the market despite clear > benefits for elderly Americans. Finally in 2003, the FDA after > a legal battle, permitted statements on the labels of PS bottles > saying that PS may reduce the risk of cognitive dysfunction in > the elderly, and it may reduce the risk of dementia. Google it, > you can buy it on the Life Extension website ( the > book too, it is a revelation.The FDA is not just a bunch of > mindless bureaucrats; this agency is pure, orchestrated evil. > In regard to Dad: he has patient rights, and if you insist that > he be given Resveratrol and PS, he may eventually get off the > Abilify and other crap which has been proven to be ineffective > for dementia.I posted your email to me on the blog (www.just-say-> It's called "The Establishment Comes > Clean". I was very happy to see that Johns Hopkins is telling > the truth about cancer and the ineffectiveness of chemo, so that > now maybe the cancer business arm of the medical profession can focus on healing people > instead of killing them. Peace.>

Subject: Macular degeneration, Parkinsons, and Alzheimers

> From the same book: "Thalidomide has been shown to halt the
> proliferation of blood vessels, an effect that may help starve
> certain cancers and protect against blindness induced by wet
> macular degeneration." (An essay from 2001). Because
> thalidomide can also halt limb development in pregnancy, this
> drug has been banned by the FDA except for treatment of
> complications related to leprosy (this covers about 50 Americans
> per year). The drug company cannot promote this drug for cancer
> or macular degeneration, even though this drug has been shown to
> be effective. Who is the FDA protecting? A person who has
> cancer or mac degen should have the RIGHT TO CHOOSE. But they
> don't, because of FDA suppression. From the same essay:
> "Neurogenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's have no effective
> treatment. A drug called memantine may delay the progression of
> Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. Memantine works by a
> different mechanism than current FDA-approved drugs such as
> Aricept and Tacrine. Memantine has been used in Germany for the
> last ten years, but it remains bogged down in FDA-mandated
> clinical trials. Four million American Alzheimer's disease
> patients anxiously await."

Could our parents have been helped ?
> You decide. What lies in OUR future? The time to fix this travesty is NOW.


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