Saturday, February 6, 2010

Rise Up...

Please send this in response to the "Pray for the Cure" email, which only serves to perpetuate the myth that "the cure is right around the corner". The cures are already here.

In memory of anyone you know who has suffered through chemotherapy.

Dear God,
I pray that the natural cures for cancer will no longer be suppressed by the FDA.
I pray that the medical "standard of care" will be expanded beyond surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy to include natural, non-toxic treatments that actually benefit the patient.
I pray that the toxic solutions which are embraced by the cancer industry be acknowledged as the medical failures that they are.
I pray that the pharmaceutical industry, whose only interest is their bottom line, will stop monopolizing the cancer market with toxic, poisonous "treatments" which often do more harm than good.
I pray that people will come to learn the true motive of the pharmaceutical companies: the profit motive.
I pray that people will learn that because natural cures cannot be patented, they cannot make $ for the cancer industry, and thus they are suppressed, dismissed, and ridiculed even though they are beneficial.
I pray that doctors stop scaring patients into chemotherapy treatment: sometimes the medicine is worse than the disease.
I pray that people start to understand that their loved ones are dying from chemotherapy, and not from 'cancer'.
I pray that this message reaches the consciousness of the general public, so that people do not continue to march with resignation into the chemotherapy infusion chambers just to die a slow, painful death.
I pray that people will believe that treatment for this disease does not have to be fatal.
I pray that the public starts to question and research the "standard of care", and then demand that the cures for cancer which have already been proven to work, will become openly available to those people who choose them.
I pray that people will demand their right to know, and then demand their right to choose.
just say no to chemo

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