Saturday, February 27, 2010

Natural is better...

The pushing of drugs for treatment of disease symptoms for cancer is just the tip of the iceberg with Big Pharma. This mindset applies to every "disease" that exists.
Just say no to chemo... (Technically, "chemo" is any chemical pharmaceutical, but has come into parlance as pertaining to the chemicals used to "treat" the symptoms of cancer).

An email to my sister:

I had an appt today at a Preventive Medicine office that was
> highly recommended by a friend, a nutritionist, and an MD.
> Anyway, the Nurse Practitioner said that at a conference she
> attended at Johns Hopkins, it was presented that all the drugs
> out there now for Alzheimers are ineffective. The belief is
> that Resveratrol IS effective, as it crosses the brain-blood
> barrier. Glaxo Smith Klein bought out a smaller company for
> $720M last year that was researching Resveratrol, and GSK is
> working to synthesize a chemical resveratrol (because the
> naturally-occuring resveratrol cannot be patented, and thus the
> Pharma company cannot make $, so they have to create chemically
> something that already exists in nature).The following is an
> article from a website, which explains this in a little more
> detail.I am taking Optimized Resveratrol from Life Extension
> vitamins ( which is an excellent quality
> Resveratrol. This may be something that would be more effective
> than Abilify for Dad. Patty, if we got this for Dad, would the
> nurses give it to him? Here is the article:

"The research on the
> substance “Resveratrol” is exciting indeed. Now it
> has gotten the attention of the show 60 Minutes. It has been
> shown to
> optimize the aging process, extend healthy life, and be preventative
> for a variety of serious chronic degenerative diseases such as
> diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and alzheimers. Further, it is shown
> to enhance exercise performance, support healthy metabolism and
> supportweight balancing. The research has all been done on the
> naturallyoccurring substance found in abundance in the skin of
> the French red wine grape.
> This may explain the French Paradox.
> But before you try to drink your way to the promises of Resveratrol,
> realize that the number of bottles of French red wine per day
> needed to
> concentrate enough Resveratrol in order to achieve the promise
> of the
> research is far too great to consume – even for the greatest of wine
> enthusiasts. No one should drink 50 plus bottles of wine per
> day, no
> one!
> A substance that occurs in nature can not be patented, so the drug
> company Glaxo Smith Kline is working on a synthetic version of
> Resveratrol, because the real thing is so exciting and the exclusive
> rights to the real thing can not be owned and controlled. Researchers
> expect that a drug company will develop and sell a drug that contains
> the synthetic version of Resveratrol and make it available to the
> public, within our life time.
> What is even better is that the real thing is available now as a
> naturally occurring substance and in the form of a nutritional
> supplement so the cost is low and no prescription is necessary.
> The challenge lies within the quality, form and dosage of Resveratrol.
> The research and therefore “the promise of Resveratrol” is dependent
> upon use of the “right stuff.” Unfortunately many forms of Resveratrol
> sold on the market are so close and yet so far away. They do not work
> and they gain bad press. Care must be taken to obtain the
> correct form
> (trans-resveratrol) in a meaningful higher dose or it simply
> does not
> deliver.
> Cheers to a long and healthy life!"
> To watch the 60 Minutes clip, simply click on the link below:

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