Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hugo Chavez Cancer

Now is the time to do your research on the effectiveness of chemo, or really, the ineffectiveness of chemo. Hugo Chavez is a very public figure, and regardless of how you view him, he is in the fight of his life. He apparently was very recently diagnosed, and like most people, probably thought that cancer happens to other people. It's very easy to take the ostrich approach (bury your head in the sand), and just ignore the issue entirely. Nobody wants to talk about it. It's not fun, it's not sexy, and it's very difficult to talk about because most people have lost people they love, and it all started with a cancer diagnosis. But a cancer diagnosis doesn't have to end life. The 800-pound gorilla in the middle of the room is chemo. Nobody wants to poke it or do anything to move it out, and it can certainly kill. So we allow it to sit there. We allow it to continue unchallenged. But someone has to move it out of the room, it doesn't belong. It quietly kills people, and blames their deaths on cancer. There are countless non-toxic treatments that are suppressed by the FDA. We have to demand them. Do your research now. Don't wait, like Chavez, until you are in the 'state of fear.' This is where the cancer industry wants you to be. Now they've got you. Once you are there, you will agree to anything, because you think that they want to save your life. Think again. Be prepared.

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