Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sorwathe Supreme Quality Green Tea

From "The Cancer Odyssey"...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

49. The Last Word…

I am doing a final review of this manuscript, and drinking a cup of “Supreme Quality Green Tea” from Rwanda, the only tea in the world actually imported by China. We know that green tea contains polyphenols, which are anti-cancer agents. What is interesting about this particular tea is that the packaging states “Believed to inhibit an enzyme responsible for cancer cell growth and said to kill cultured cancer cells with no ill-effect on healthy cells.” This is a claim that could not be made by a green tea imported into the U.S.

My neighbor Bridget’s daughter is undergoing treatment in Germany, almost three (3) years after a renowned cancer center told her she had six (6) months to live and to go home and have a sirloin steak and an ice cream sundae. Today Bridget brought me a website page from Epeius Biotechnologies.1 In Greek mythology, Epeius was the designer of the original Trojan Horse, and Epeius Biotechnologies has developed a “tumor-targeted delivery vehicle,”--a “Trojan Horse.” This is the future of cancer treatments. The new biotech companies are thinking outside of the box, recognizing that the “standard of care” chemotherapy treatments do not work. Mainstream “Big Pharma” is on the wrong track, which is why Bridget’s daughter and others still have to leave the country for beneficial medical care. We need an Epeius, a Trojan Horse, to win the battle against Big Pharma. Twenty-five years ago, Mary Yevchak had to leave the country for beneficial medical care. In the words of the Beatles, “Nothing’s gonna change my world.” Things have not changed much in a quarter of a century in our American world, and things will not change unless we demand change. American citizens should not have to leave this country in the year 2011 to obtain the medical treatment of their choice. Companies should be permitted to import healthy products and to honestly describe what the beneficial effects of those products are, without censure. Demand change. Demand truth. Be inspired by Rwandan green tea. Be inspired by the efforts of Mary Yevchak and Bridget’s daughter, and all others who are fighting, not only cancer, but the larger battle against the cancer industry. Be part of the thought revolution. This is truth. This is inspiration.


1 Epeius Biotechnologies. .

Hi Doug, thank you for your feedback, it is appreciated! The name of the company is Sorwathe Ltd (Sor-Wa-TA). I had just contacted them in Rwanda this week, as I have a small book signing coming up, and I would like to attach a tea bag to each book. Sorwathe is shipping a small quantity of green tea bags to Tea Importers in CT, and the number is below. I had spoken to Phyllis, who had called me back from the second # below. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

In good health,


From: Cally Alles []
Sent: Monday, July 18, 2011 5:15 PM
Subject: RE: FW: Green Tea

Dear Ms Bermel,

Thank you for your e mail expressing your appreciation of our green tea. We are honoured that you made mention of our green tea in your recent book. Our Principals are in Connecticut (USA). You can place your order for green tea through them. Their e mail is as shown in cc. Their phone number is +12032263301. (Also 12032266205 - ask for Phyllis). We also have excellent black tea bags.

Our green tea has been rated the best green tea in Africa and we even export it to China!

Kind regards.

Cally Alles

MD Sorwathe.

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Hi Margaret..loved your book..There are 3 cancer survivors in my family who beat it naturally including mother died at 52 from conventional treatment....With help from people like you and Ian the word is slowly getting out..thank you for writing the book.Doug.

Doug Grant

5:40pm Jul 17

Hi Margaret..loved your book..There are 3 cancer survivors in my family who beat it naturally including mother died at 52 from conventional treatment....With help from people like you and Ian the word is slowly getting out..thank you for writing the book.Doug.

Hi Margaret..I was wanting to try some of that Rwandan green tea you wrote about in your book...Is there a good website you can recommend? Thanks..Doug

Doug Grant

Hi Margaret..I was wanting to try some of that Rwandan green tea you wrote about in your book...Is there a good website you can recommend? Thanks..Doug

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