Monday, January 4, 2010

Boycott Chemo

Anyone who was either at Woodstock or regretted missing Woodstock was a self-proclaimed "hippie". That term carried some negative connotations, as many hippies ultimately self-destructed, getting permanently lost while trying to find themselves. At some point, most hippies realized that they had to get their acts together and get a real job; then we became "baby boomers". However, as a group, hippies actually achieved the impossible: we protested the Viet Nam War, we called upon Nixon to resign, we even boycotted lettuce to protest the poor working conditions of migrant workers. "The fight is never about grapes or lettuce. It is always about people." (Cesar Chavez).
Although I missed Woodstock (and regretted it: I turned 16 that weekend and was not allowed to go) I do recall a scene from the movie, where an announcement was made warning people about some drugs that were circulating. The announcement was "that's some bad s%^# man, stay away from it!"
Chemotherapy is some bad s%^# man, stay away from it!
"Now is the time for all {old hippies} to come to the aid of {each other}". Stop this travesty. It is a real paradigm shift to understand that chemo is NOT the only way to go. You must wrap your mind around it. There is a book called "Chemotherapy Heals Cancer and the World is Flat" by Hirneise. The title says it all. There are safer, non-toxic solutions. Find them. The sheer number of baby boomers can move this protest to the tipping point where we all refuse to do the bad s%^# being pushed by Big Pharma. Just say no to chemo. Stand up. Question. Research. Find the answers.

This fight is about people. Boycott chemo.

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