Monday, January 4, 2010

The Emperor Wears No Clothes

How many times have you heard that someone was diagnosed with cancer and they died 3 months later? Question: did they have chemotherapy? If yes, what was the "real" cause of death--chemo or cancer? I put my money on chemo. And so do the pharmaceutical companies. Even when patients are terminal with no hope of recovery, the poison continues to be administered. This is shameless corporate greed and nothing more. Remember the lesson of Wall Street; the pharmaceutical industry--"Big Pharma" is just as greedy, corrupt, and ruthless.
If you signed up for chemo and you cannot cite the research study which proves that chemo will cure YOUR disease, then you have no "evidence-based" support for your decision. I am not talking about regurgitating the skewed stats that your oncologist spewed out about your 5-year survival rate and the % probablility that your disease will recur. I am talking "show me the money"--what is your source? If you cannot cite a source, then you, my friend, have been sold a bill of goods. Incidentally, the stats that your Doc spews forth are fed by the drug salesman from Big Pharma and are presented in relative #'s, not absolute #'s. According to Disraeli, and later Mark Twain, there are three types of lies: "There are lies, damn lies - and statistics." These misleading statistics (lies) paint the picture the cancer industry wants to paint, and paints the patient into a corner. They have you exactly where they want you: cowering in a corner in a state of fear. You will agree to anything to save your life. You THINK you are saving your life; you have actually just signed your death certificate.
The only benefit of chemotherapy is to the bottom line of the Cancer Industry.
Don't help them perpetuate the myth. Educate yourself. Knowledge is power.
Be brave enough to call out "The Emperor wears no clothes!!!"
Just say no to chemo.

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