Friday, January 8, 2010

Don't be Led Down the Primrose Path

The oncologist may hand you the drug information booklet (as required), and then tell you not to read the information too closely because it may scare you. Do not be led down the primrose path. Read the booklet. Believe the description of side effects. Don't believe it when the doctor tries to minimize the side effects. The side effects are very real, and some are permanent. You will be administered a "the maximum sub-lethal dosage that the body can handle". Who would possibly want to agree to taking a sub-lethal dose of anything? Only someone who was led to a state of desperation and fear. What happens if there is a mistake made with the dosage or if your body can't handle a sub-lethal dose? Will you receive a lethal injection? For what crime? You didn't do your homework? You trusted your doctor? Don't rush into treatment, you have time to review all your options. Insist upon it. It is YOUR life. It is YOUR choice.
In a survey of oncologists conducted in Canada, 75% responded that they themselves would not take chemotherapy treatment. What does that tell you?
Just say no to chemo.

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