Thursday, January 7, 2010

How Effective IS Chemotherapy?

When presented with the recommendation of chemotherapy, you take it for granted that this is an effective medication that actually works to eliminate the disease of cancer from your body. Why else would it be recommended? If I had to take a guess on the effectiveness of chemotherapy treatment, if someone said to me, "what is the percentage of people who are cured by chemotherapy?", I would think about it and say, "well, I do know of some people who have had chemotherapy, and who still died anyway, so I know that it is not 100% effective, so I'll guess, it is probably around 85% effective". WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!
In a study outside of the U.S., where the results could NOT be suppressed by the FDA, Dr. Ulrich Abel, a biostatistician, published a meta-analysis on survival rates of chemotherapy-treated patients. Of the cancers which can kill 80% of cancer patients (with the remaining 20% of cancer patients having non-lethal forms of skin cancer), chemotherapy alone is effective for only 3% of these patients. 3%. Let me repeat that. 3%. Wrap your mind around that number. 3%!!! That is abysmal. And criminal.
Not even close to my 85% guess. I was off by 82%! How far off were you? I am willing to guess that you missed the mark as well, because these statistics are not revealed to the American public.
Just say no to chemo.

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  1. Yey! Shout it from the rooftops!! I dared to quote the %3 thing about 5 years ago on a forum and you should have seen the hatred and animosity I got for doing that. I had to do a lot of research to find that figure then, now I see it more and more often. The word is getting out. Thank God.