Friday, January 8, 2010

Intention of Blogsite

This blog is an expression of my personal experience. I am not a professional researcher or a medical professional. The intention of this site is to be thought-provoking, to encourage people to research and educate themselves prior to accepting the "standard of care" treatment. I believe that every person is ultimately responsible for their own health care decisions. It is your decision whether or not you will just say no to chemo.

I am grateful for the miracle of my health. It's my purpose in life to awaken others to the myth of chemo. The intent of my blog is to sound the alarm: everything you are led to believe about chemo is a lie.
What was the catalyst for this blog? The fact that I was almost sentenced to death by chemo. I am incensed. Because the Cancer Industry is in it too deep to admit that they are wrong, they continue to perpetuate the myth and they continue to harm and kill millions of Americans every year.

"Don't be scared into chemotherapy" notes that chemo can cause other cancers. This is something that people are not told unless they asked. I asked. The oncologist confirmed it. I have since read in "Beating Cancer with Nutrition" written by the former nutrition director at CTCA (where I went in Philly for one opinion) that the risk of chemo causing leukemia in ovarian cancer patients far outweighs any possible benefit. Yikes.

Here's the thing. When the Doctor recommends that you have "precautionary chemo", and with the chemo you have a 30% chance of recurrence, and if it does recur, you probably will not survive 5 years, and if you don't have chemo, then the chance of recurrence is higher.
>> How much higher, I asked.
>>Yes, but how much higher?
I could not understand why I wasn't getting a straight answer. That statistic should have been at the tip of the tongue. The reason it wasn't is because it doesn't exist.
I later discovered that statistics are NOT compiled on people who decline treatment. So it is not known if that # is actually higher, OR maybe it is actually lower! When you are in that position, you are VERY vulnerable.

The intent of the blog is to get people to pause, research, educate
themselves, participate in their own health care, and then
make an INFORMED decision, based upon truthful, factual
information, and not skewed statistics presented by the
pharmaceutical companies. The first 2 oncologists I
saw were repeating drug salesmen's pitches. The
3rd oncologist who was very truthful, also said that it is
not known whether or not it matters if people start chemo
right after surgery, or if they wait 6 months. It is
just not known.
So there is no urgency. People do not have to rush into it.
People have time to think and educate themselves.
People have a right to know the truth, and they also have a
right to choose non-toxic solutions. Non-toxic
solutions have been systematically suppressed by the FDA.
Check it out, you have the time. But to be honest,
most people do not check it out especially if it is not a
personal issue with them. Even if it is a personal
issue, most people do not check it out.
Everyday, I thank God and my husband that I checked it out.
Just say no to chemo.

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